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New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.1

From the candle’s flame to the darkest corners of imagination, New Bedlam has grown to encompass far more than anyone ever dreamed of. The monsters have definitely escaped their bounds, and the writers may never sleep again.

Volume 1 is illustrated by Danny Evarts (Shroud Magazine), and includes all of the stories and poetry published in The New Bedlam Project’s first year online; contributors include R. Scott McCoy, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Cate Gardner, Barry Napier, R.H. Fay, John Irvine, James C.G. Shirk, Jake Bible, Comrade Stryker, Lucien E.G. Spelman, Brenton Tomlinson, Saranna DeWylde, Brett Williams, Heather Wildman, Perry Jerome, Natalie L. Sin, Kevin Lucia, J.Jay Waller, and Mike Pennington.

Dare you walk these streets with them?

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