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HisBloodAugust 2014
His Blood by Christine Morgan

Vampires. Vicious, hungry, soulless monsters. With an aversion to crosses… but not for the reasons traditional lore would have us believe. The truth has been twisted, hidden, buried by over two thousand years of misinformation, conspiracy, and spin. Now a brilliant scientist who’s also a religious fanatic is determined to bring about humanity’s salvation by whatever means necessary and with no idea of the horrors he’s about to unleash.



dyingmoonFebruary 2014
Dying Moon by Shawn Oetzel

Kalen Or’Wain – Captain of the Elven Royal Guard – is thrust into a quest to hunt down a hated rival, taking him to the Human city of Los Angeles, where he teams up with enigmatic federal agent Reggie Blackburn and Amy Sommers, an LAPD homicide detective. Will Kalen and his team succeed in stopping the rogue Elf in time to save the Elven race?



August 2013
The Adventures of Captain Kitchen by Shawn Oetzel

After another busy night at the restaurant where he was head chef, former Army Captain Benjamin “Benji” Winters is closing up with a young friend and protégé when they become victims of Range City’s crime wave.

And what do you do when the city you call home is overrun by crime? Why, you become a superhero of course!



April 2013
Where The Sun Don’t Shine by J. Aaron Parish

Darkness. The absence of light. People have always feared those places the light doesn’t reach, whether within the world or the people around them.

This is where light crosses into darkness. This is where madness begins.

This is where the sun don’t shine.



And our future releases…


Late 2016

D.R.E.X. – Blackout by Natasha Smith

Nuada by Gillian Bridé Madell

The End and the Beginning by G.G. Neilson



Return to New Bedlam ed. Jodi Lee (TNBP)

More coming soon!