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New Release – D.R.E.X. – Blackout by Natasha Smith

2 October 2016 No Comment

After finding his family murdered, Matthew Burke is arrested and sentenced to life in prison. The next day he is mysteriously released and given a briefcase of money.

Needing answers, Matthew finds a pile of old documents in his house and discovers his wife was once part of an organization called D.R.E.X, who were responsible for hunting and killing supernatural creatures. Even though D.R.E.X had been shut down for years, his wife was murdered just after she tried to reach them.

drex-webwrapAn irregular release day, but we’re very excited to bring this fantastic novel to our readers on the same day author Natasha Bennett is at the Victoria Hobby & Toy Show with copies of the book on hand to sign! If you’re in the area, stop by and get your personalized copy.

If you’re not – check out the title page for links to purchase this great story. Want a peek? There’s an excerpt as well!

D.R.E.X. – Blackout by Natasha Bennett

Did you get here from Facebook or Twitter? Comment below to enter to win a print copy of D.R.E.X. – Blackout, or one of five digital download versions.

Happy release day, Natasha – and happy reading everyone!

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