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Going Out of Print SALE!

11 February 2015 2 Comments

We have two of our very favorite titles going out of print as of March 1st, and are offering them at a great sale price until then!

oldschoolOld School
edited by Louise Bohmer

35% off print at Createspace using code LP8NX7R6
66% off digital format at Smashwords using code WG95J
Only untl February 28th!

Old School, a traditional horror collection born of seven twisted minds, invites you back to a time when vampires and werewolves were monsters who made humans quiver in terror.

Fourteen short tales offered by David Dunwoody, Jackie Gamber, R. Scott McCoy,Natalie L. Sin, Horace James, Gregory L. Hall, and Louise Bohmer, all tied together by selected poems from Zombie Zak – Old School reminds one of terrors best not forgotten.

Within these pages, evil children terrorize, witches gather the teeth of the young, cosmic blobs eat the world, while creepy crawlies ruin a man’s life and a headless ghost seeks revenge. Wander down this spooky path with poems and stories that revive our nightmares about golems, harpies, and other forgotten creatures.


antemortemAnte Mortem
edited by Jodi Lee

35% off print at Createspace using code LP8NX7R6
66% off digital format at Smashwords using code GW78X
Only untl February 28th!

Ante Mortem – pre-death. That space between drawing the first breath, and the last… otherwise known as life.

Eleven stories for the eleventh hour. Snuggle in tight, have a glass of wine, light a candle. These stories have been given new life, and a new home; they’ve almost travelled this road before. Something always held them back, but now together, they’ve broken free.

You may want to lock your doors, you never know when a starving doll, a wicked college student, a zombie horde or ghostly children will come to visit…

Don’t get too comfortable, though, there’s always someone waiting to replace you.

And definitely, absolutely, watch out for the pretty fish in the sewer…

Relax. The light at the end of the tunnel will wait. We here in the morgue like having people stop by, and you really didn’t think we’d let you go so easily. Did you?