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1 December 2010 No Comment

I know it wasn’t that long ago that we posted our nominees for the Pushcart Prize, but that isn’t the only award that we’re looking at with hopeful eyes this year.

Two of our titles have been recommended for Stoker recognition – At The End of Church Street by Gregory L. Hall, our first novel release, and The Devil is in the Details by Brock Cooper, our Spring Thaw contest winner at The New Bedlam Project. We’d like to extend our gratitude to those folks who have recommended the titles so far, and those who are giving them consideration now and into the future.

All of our titles – Belfire, Needfire and TNBP alike – are available in limited numbers of print copies and unlimited electronic copies (multi-format, please request your preference) for members of various committees, panels and organizations for consideration for awards. If you are part of a voting body for an award or prize and one or more of our titles has been put forward, please contact us for a free consideration copy. When putting in your request, we ask that you detail which award or prize you are requesting for.

Below is a list of Belfire and Needfire titles with print copies available, numbers remaining in brackets:

At The End of Church Street (0)
Absentminded (3)
Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation (1)
Orpheus & The Pearl/Nevermore Duel Novella Series Vol.1 (2)
The White Faced Bear (3)
Loathsome, Dark & Deep (2)

Death in Common, Second Edition (5)
Vicious Romantic (1)
A Mouth for Picket Fences (5)

All titles, including Old School, have unlimited numbers of .pdf review copies available.

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