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We are not currently seeking new material. Any submissions and queries will be deleted unread. Our next reading period will commence in January 2017 for a late 2017-early 2018 release schedule.

What we are looking for:

When we are open, we seek submission packages in the following fiction genres: mystery, adventure, fantasy, romance, historical, horror, thriller, science fiction, paranormal, urban and YA. We are particularly interested in cross-genre works. We publish almost every genre, with few exceptions.

Over the years we’ve published mainly horror, and are looking to move into other areas. Horror submitted to us at this point will need to be something that really grabs us to receive a full request. All that being said, we are most interested in cross-genre fiction; urban-paranormal-fantasy-romance-YA-thriller-scifi-apocalyptic (sans zombie) sounds about right. If you’ve got a mix of any (or all) we’d take a look.

Our non-fiction and children’s lines are invitation only, however we will look at queries any time throughout the year.

What we don’t accept:

We are not reading or accepting anything in the following areas: erotica, zombies, and collections of shorter works. Submissions sent to us that are of these genres and formats will be deleted unread, and without response.

Our poetry imprint, Needfire Poetry, handles all poetry submissions, however we are closed to all non-house queries for the foreseeable future.


Preparing your submission package:

First, let’s cover what we don’t want to see in your package.

Simultaneous submissions will be deleted unread, without response – so if your novel is under submission elsewhere (including via agent!) please refrain from wasting our time and yours. If your manuscript is not complete, do not submit a submission package to us.

As of February 1, 2014 – our word count limit is 90,000. No we will not re-consider. Costs prohibit setting a reader-friendly price on paperbacks of extreme length, and even at a high price, royalties for the author – and the company – suffer. If you have a novel significantly over 90k, consider finding a split point and creating a first and second part.

Send only .rtf files – absolutely no other file types will be accepted. We work on Windows XP machines, and use older versions MS Office. Yes the world has moved on, Belfire will not. Do not send us new version files and claim it is the same thing – the new MS Office is incompatible with our versions. Any and all non-requested file format will not be accepted by our submissions form.

What we do want to see:

Make sure your sample chapters are formatted as listed below. There are specific reasons for this; for example, most new writers use far too much formatting, fancy fonts and ridiculous tabs and these create problems when formatting for print if the manuscript is accepted. But mostly, it’s for our own benefit – be gentle with our eyes.

We only accept submissions sent to us via the submission form below (available only during our open reading periods). All other contact information is listed on the website. We will notify you if we have received the submission successfully, however if you do not receive an email within 72 hours of sending the submission, query through the contact form.

A ‘cover letter’ in the body of the email is a must. This should include the basic information: name, contact information, genre, word count/page count and title as well as a very brief synopsis and/or logline. Previous writing credits and biography are not necessary at this point, but feel free to include them if you think you must.

The following files should be attached to the form, each as a separate file. There should only be two files attached to your submission. Submissions received without these, as separate files, will be deleted unread.

  • the first three chapters in a single file, and formatted as required
  • your ideas for marketing and promotions, and what you are willing to do to promote your own book



Formatting your manuscript to our specifications will greatly improve your chances that we’ll actually read through the whole proposal. Trust me, we know there are those out there who think they are too great and wonderful to do so, and may call us elitist for asking for the simplest of tasks… however, as long as we’ve been in the trenches, we know better. We’re also happy to help if you don’t know how to format to these specs.

  • The font throughout the proposal files should be in Times New Roman or Garamond 12pt. Courier or Courier New is also acceptable, but less preferred.
  • Margins should be set to 1″ all around; this can be changed in the File>Page Setup>Margins screen.
  • All text (including chapter headings, break headings etc.) should be left aligned; first line indent and line spacing must be changed to 0.3 and 1.5 respectively. You can do this in Word by going to Format>Paragraph>Indents and Spacing. Do not use tabs or space bar to create the first line indentation, or anywhere else in the manuscript. Punctuation should be followed by a single space, not double.
  • No hard breaks between paragraphs (hitting return twice to break between paragraphs). Following paragraphs can be started on the next line.
  • Scene breaks or changes in point of view need to be separated by a hard break, centered asterisks (* * *) and a hard break.


Things You Should Know:

This section may be updated at our discretion, at any time.

If your title is accepted, you will be offered the following for First World Print & Ebook rights (net=cover price less printer/distributor fees):

  • Single-author Print – 35% net, statement and payment beginning the second quarter following release date; end of second and fourth quarters thereafter
  • Single-author Electronic – 50% net, statement and payment beginning the second quarter following release date; end of second and fourth quarters thereafter
  • Dual-author Print – 17.5% net, statement and payment beginning the second quarter following release date; end of second and fourth quarters thereafter
  • Dual-author Electronic – 25% net, statement and payment beginning the second quarter following release date; end of second and fourth quarters thereafter
  • Copies – 3 print copies for personal use, not for re-sale; 1 electronic .pdf & access to other formats, not for re-sale
  • Discount – 35% author discount on copies up to 50; 40% author discount up to 100; 50% author discount 100+
  • You will be sent – 1 eARC for proofing, 1 eCover wrap for proofing/approval

Production, marketing and promotion information is sent with acceptance notice.

Payments are made for North American and International authors by Paypal; we can send payment by check in USD if necessary, however Paypal is preferred. Payments are held until $50.00 accrues, or paid out in full at the end of the fiscal year (by February 28, yearly), unless the amount owed is less than $5.00, which will roll-over to the following quarter. Authors are free to request payment withholding until the end of the fiscal year.

We are willing to negotiate on certain terms, but others are set.


Belfire Press and the imprints The New Bedlam Project and Needfire Poetry, will no longer seek pre-publication endorsements or blurbs for cover or interior use on accepted manuscripts. If the author has previously received such materials and wishes to use them, that is fine.

Once a title has been edited, formatted and the files have been accepted by our printer, we will not make further changes at our expense, unless the error is very clearly ours. Authors asking to change files to add blurbs, additional notes, or change the text itself can negotiate terms.

Our titles are printed in two formats:
5.25″ x 8″ (novels, Needfire)
6″ x 9″ (anthologies, TNBP)


Please use this form to make your submission or query.

Make sure you have followed our guidelines precisely, and don't forget to attach the appropriate files in approved formats!

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: rtf.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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