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Updated 03/31/2017

About Us

Belfire Press was born of many conversations, much like the beginning of The New Bedlam Project. We bounced the ideas and plans off a couple of authors we’d worked with in the past and present. The answers to ‘Can we do it? Should we do it?’ were a resounding Yes.

On October 31st 2009, we announced the formation of Belfire Press, a micro-press owned and operated by a crazy Canadian, backed by a handful of other crazy Canadians. Our first title released April 1st, 2010, followed by our grand opening and launch novel on May 1st.

Since then, we’ve gone on to establish a poetry imprint and move the webzine into a yearly anthology.


As of April 1, 2017 – a full seven years following our first release – Belfire Press will no longer be operating. It was a hard decision for me; this company has been my baby and my love for the last seven years. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I can no longer give what the authors, the staff, and the books, need. For months, I struggled with what to do, and then, just a few days into the new year, I came upon an answer.

It took me a while to work up the nerve to contact someone I’ve admired for years, but I finally did it. And she said yes. And when she makes her official announcement later today, I will come back and post the information on the front page. But for now, just now that the last seven years, all the readers, and all the staff, and the authors I’ve worked with since the founding of not only Belfire Press but The New Bedlam Project as well, have meant the world to me.

Much love…
Jodi Lee

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